President’s Message

Photo of Florence ChanDear ASC Members,

Warmest Greetings!

It is with great pleasure having this opportunity to address all distinguished ASHRAE Members in my new appointment as President for the term commencing 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020. With deepest appreciation, I am thankful for the ardent and undaunted support and co-operation received from the BOG and Members alike. Special mention is accorded to the preceding Presidents and Senior who had given their strongest recommendations and endorsements for me to assume the stewardship for the Society. It is my pleasure and honor to assume this role to bring forward the Society to greater heights of excellence.

From the records, applauded recognitions are also graciously accorded to the various Chair persons who had held offices for at least two terms, giving their professional advises and services in their roles. Their professionalism, commitments serving the Society have provided the Society guidance in many aspects, taking the Society further into embracing the ever-changing economic landscape and global changes. With this, it gives me confidence of achieving continued successes in this new term.

We had an excellent year of good participation for our events lead by our preceding President David Edernburn. Under his profound leadership and charged with his charismatic qualities, we have built stronger bonds and comaradie spirit in all our approaches. I would like to accord special thanks and putting on record his achievements and contributions to the Society for his term 1 July 2018 to 30th June 2019.

ASC will continue to organize exciting events to strengthen the bonding with Members, engaging and involving the various industrial players in HVAC as well as other related fields. Presently, we have an approximate distinguished 400 Society Members and 178 Chapter Members. Many thanks for their support and continuing membership. ASC aimed to enjoy an increase level of membership with this term motto, “Building for People and Performance – Achieving Operational Excellence.

Charged with his artistic styles, our Membership Chair Adrian Tan will be actively engaging to recommend new members to enroll membership with ASHRAE, providing the intangible benefits of being an ASHRAE Member, particularly in the Chapter. Our CTTC Chair Dr Junjing, President-Elect Dr Peter Chen, RP Chair and the various chairs will also be organizing a full slate of technical seminars, social events and others. Do look forward and give us your support in every aspect, making it our professional career and skills development.

Likewise, we also aimed to develop young industrial talents and graduants by encouraging their enrollment as Students Members. They are our future leaders and it is our responsibilities to provide them a platform to gain invaluable experiences that each of us have achieved in our varied filed of expertise. With five (5) Student Branches at hand, we strongly believe and advocate to broaden this growth, encouraging more membership, introducing more Students Branches and endorsing more Book Prizes for the Students achievements and successes.

With these, I look forward towards receiving your support for the initiates that the various Chairs and myself will embark on in this new term, bringing more success stories and making a difference for our ASHRAE Singapore Chapters.

Florence Chan
President, 2019-2020
ASHRAE Singapore Chapter

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