Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

If you are under or 35 years old, you are automatically enrolled in the YEA program after you have signed up for ASHRAE membership.

Mentoring Student Members

You have the opportunity to mentor a student member of ASHRAE to make a positive impact on the future leaders of the industry. If you are interested in participating as a YEA mentor for students, please contact our YEA Chair listed in BOARD OF GOVERNORS  page.

YEA Membership

Here are some approaches which you can get your YEA membership:
        1) SmartStart Program (US$21 for the first year) - For conversion of existing student membership.
        2) Affiliate grade (US$52 for the first year) - For new member under 30 years old.
        3) Associate / Member grade (US$206 annually).

Here are some of the benefits you will be entitled as a YEA member:
        1) Free monthly hardcopy journal magazine.
        2) Free monthly activities, networking opportunities and seminars.
        3) Free access to member resources on ASHRAE website.
        4) HVAC Industry News - Weekly news resource.
        5) ASHRAExChange - Participate in the online forum.
        6) ASHRAE Handbook - Indispensable, industry-wide resource for all HVAC&R professionals.
             and more...

Please select the above links to find out more on different approaches on signing up the membership. Please visit the Young Engineers in ASHRAE webpage to find out more on the YEA programs available.

Connect with Us

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Any Questions?

Any questions regarding YEA activities / memberships, please contact us through Contact Form or email We welcome your feedbacks and suggestions as well.