ASC PowerPoint of Yesteryear

This photo collection contains photos taken from 1984 to 2002.

Chapter Regional Conference Photo Collection

This photo collection contains CRC photos taken from 1998 to 2009.

ASHRAE Singapore Chapter’s List of Presidents

Term of Presidency Name
1982-1984 Mr. Bill Sundberg
1984-1985 Mr. Chee Tan Pong
1985-1986 Mr. Loh Peng Sum
1986-1987 Mr. Sunny Tan C. L.
1987-1988 Mr. Henry Lee H.S.
1988-1989 Mr. Chan Phang Fei
1989-1991 Dr. Bong Tet Yin
1981-1992 Mr. Tan Yong Hoa
1992-1993 A/P Wong Yew Wah
1993-1994 Dr. Ng Eng Hong
1994-1995 A/P Leong Kai Choong
1995-1996 Mr. Lee Siew Kee
1996-1997 Mr. Vincent Tong
1997-1998 Mr. Jimmy Loon
1998-1999 Dr. Teh Soo Lee
1999-2000 Mr. Chen Siew Ik
2000-2001 Mr. Leong Chang Wee
2001-2002 Mr. Steven Chen
2002-2003 Dr. Jeremy Chia
2003-2004 Mr. George Sze
2004-2005 Mr. Chua Kim Lian
2005-2006 Mr. Albert Sin Yew Tek
2006-2007 Mr. Steven Leong Choon Kid
2007-2008 Mr. Chee Yan Pong
2008-2009 Mr. David Lau
2009-2010 Mr. Gadam Sivakumar
2010-2011 Dr. Chandra Sekhar
2011-2012 Mr. Tan Gek Suan
2012-2013 Mr. Francis Lee
2013-2014 Dr. Uma Maheswaran
2014-2015 Mr. Matthew Ngan
2015-2016 Mr. Henry Yeo
2016-2017 Mr. Liew Kwong Chin
2017-2018 Er. Patrick Ho