2014-2015 Event Summary

Singapore District Cooling Plant Technical Tour
17 April 2015, Friday  |  Technical Visit  |  YEA
Singapore District Cooling Pte Ltd (SDC) provides district cooling services to the developments at the Marina Bay New Business District. The SDC plant is well-hidden from public view, which is located about 25m (five floors) underground.
The tour started with a presentation, Jimmy Khoo, the managing director explained to us the main benefits of having an underground DCS, (1) free up precious GFA; (2) allows focused and close monitoring / optimisation of DCS performance and (3) provides high reliability for customers. He also dispelled on the common myth of inefficiency of DCS. After the presentation, Mr Ang, the GM (Operations) showed us around the plant facilities (e.g. control room, cooling tower, etc).

We are really thankful to the SDC team for taking their time and effort to share their knowledge and show us around the district cooling plant.

ASHRAE Networking Golf Day
16 April 2015, Thursday  |  Networking  |  RP

ASHRAE networking golf event was successfully held at Pulai Spring Golf Resort, Johor on 16th April 2015. Four flights of 16 golfers played at Pulai Course on a very sunny day. Ivan Tay walked away with a Precision Pro V400 Rangefinder as the best golfer of the day under Stableford system 36 scoring method. After a hardworking afternoon, the golfers were rewarded with a sumptuous dinner at the Qing Palace Chinese Restaurant. The golf event ended at 8.30pm after dinner with the golfers heading back to Singapore.

1-Day ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program on "Integrated Design Modeling And Emerging ACMV Technologies For Energy Efficient Healthy Buildings"
7 April 2015, Tuesday |  Seminar  |  CTTC

With the collaborative efforts between ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) and BCA Academy (BCAA), a one-day ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program, entitled as Integrated Design Model- ling and Emerging ACMV Technologies for Energy Efficient Healthy Buildings, was successfully or- ganized at BCAA on April 7, 2015. Two ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers, Prof. John Zhai from the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB) and Prof. Chandra Sekhar from National University of Sin- gapore were invited to present their DL topics. In details, the following topics were shared by the DLs with the audience:

1. Energy Performance and Modelling of Naturally Ventilated Buildings by Prof Zhai
2. Integrated Building Energy and CFD Simulations by Prof Zhai
3. Emerging ACMV Technologies for Energy Efficient Healthy Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates (Part 1 & 2) by Prof Sekhar

This seminar has attracted about 50 designers, engineers, researchers, officers and students from various disciplines. Audience were impressed with the attractive topics and wonderful presenta- tion skills of the two DLs.

Fujitsu Data Centre Tour
27 March 2015, Friday | Technical Visit  |  YEA
Fujitsu Data Centre featured energy-efficient technologies like power monitoring, ambient lighting and monitored temperatures to better managed the usage of energy and save costs. Ram, the Data Centre services manager presented to us the key features of the Data Centre which meets the cus- tomers’ requirements and telecommunication services from a carrier-neutral services providers. Mr Pek also shared with us the business advantages. The Fujitsu Data Centre has the following features:
1. Raised floor with uniformed distributed loading capacity of 32kN/m2;
2. HCFC free fire-retardant insulation for under-slab to prevent condensation;
3. Laminated raised floor tiles for electrostatic discharge;
4. AC power to each suite is supplied from two separate UPS;
5. Each rack is equipped from 2 independent power feeds from independent distribution units;
6. Environmental control systems to provide optimal and stable operating environment, which is achieved through lighting, temperature and humidity monitoring and control;
7. Spot and water leakage detection system to provide early warning of leakage and condensa- tion hassle that may lead to system failure.
Overall, this was a great experience since it was the first time which most of us have accessed a Data Centre. High-ended surveillance and access control systems were implemented for the highest level of security. Every access was controlled by a sophisticated distributed intelligence microprocessor-based access control and alarm system.
Seminar on “Managing Low Delta T Syndrome in HVAC System”
03 March 2015, Tuesday  |  Seminar  |  CTTC

Studies show that Low Delta T Syndrome in HVAC system exists in many build- ings. Cause of low delta T syndrome could be many but the end effect is al- ways the same which is energy wastage.
Engineers and building managers understand that managing low delta T syndrome is essential for reducing energy wastage and maintaining sustainability. Often they tend to solve it by upgrading efficiency of chillers and pumps; or adding more measurement device into BMS system to enhance the chiller plant sequencing programme.

The questions, how effective and how much the investment and running cost of these solutions are? Can these solutions be implemented and completed within days?
This presentation aims to share with the participants a new approach of managing low delta T syndrome: advanced pressure independent control valve. This approach is probably the best solution in terms of investment cost, implementation, impact to existing building operation and maintenance in long run.

Annual Members' Night 2015
03 March 2015, Tuesday  Membership Promotion  |  MP

On 3rd March 2015, ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) invited all ASC members to join a celebration to usher in the Year of the Goat at SPGG. In conjunction with the celebration, a seminar on “Managing Low Delta T Syndrome in HVAC System” was held after the celebration dinner. The event was sponsored by Belimo Actuator Pte Ltd.

City Square Mall Technical Visit
13 February 2015, Friday  |  Technical Tour |  Student Activitie

City Square Mall is Singapore's first eco-mall. For this technical visit, the student participants from ITE College East, Temasek Poly and NUS were shown some of the green features in this certified Green Mark Platinum mall such as;

1) Use of building integrated photovoltaics to harness solar energy;
2) Fabric Sun Screen for curtain wall at northwest elevation to mitigate the heat passing through the clear glass facade curtain wall;
3) Energy efficient LED lighting for facade;
4) Energy efficient lifts and escalators – designed with auto-lighting & ventilation fans, VVVFD & slow-down feature;
5) Intensive green roof to lower ambient temperature and heat gain into the building;
6) Sun Path and Shadow Casting Modeling were conducted for an efficient & effective analysis of the sun path’s effect & shadow effect on the building for energy efficiency enhancement;
7) Twin chute (organic & inorganic waste) pneumatic waste disposal system to improve the indoor air quality;
8) Priority parking for hybrid cars that have lower environmental impact;
9) Atrium with indoor trees creates a green environment and helps to absorb noise & reverberation.

NEWater Visitor Centre Tour
7 February 2015, Saturday  |  Educational Tour  |  YEA

Singapore get the water supply via ‘Four National Taps’, (1) local catchment water, (2) imported water, (3) highly-purified reclaimed water known as NEWater, and (4) desalinated water. Singapore's four NEWater plants can meet up to 30% of the nation’s current water needs. The tour includes fun-filled activities and interactive exhibits to show us an exciting journey through the Singapore water story. We started by watching an introduction video then we moved on to the interactive corner. The tour guide also walkthrough with us the 3-step purification process used in the production of NEWater:

1. Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration – This step is for removing the large contaminants. Treated used water passes through membranes to filter out large particles in this process. These include suspended solids, some bacteria and viruses.
2. Reverse Osmosis – This step is for filtering out smaller contaminants. A membrane (semi- permeable membrane) with extremely small openings is used in reverse osmosis. It only enables extremely small particles like water molecules to pass through and unwanted substances will be trapped on the membrane wall. The water obtained at this stage is very clean and safe for consumption.
3. Ultraviolet Disinfection – This is a safety backup process, ultraviolet light is used to inacti- vate all organisms as an additional safety barrier. After this is done, chemicals are add- ed to restore the pH balance of the water. The final product, NEWater is ultra-clean and piped to industrial usage. A small amount is also pumped back into our reservoirs.

Changi District Cooling Systems (DCS) Plant Tour
6 February 2015, Friday |  Technical Tour |  Student Activities

The DHCS plant in Changi Business Park is the first district cooling systems (DCS) plant in Singapore and has been in commercial operation since June 2000 to provide district cooling service to the 66 hectares landscaped park. It is awarded Green Mark Platinum in FY12. The plant is designed to generate a cooling capacity of about 30,000 RT (refrigeration tonnes) for the entire business park.

The participants were briefed on DCS cooling system that comprises of a centrally located chilled water plant to serve a cluster of buildings for their air-conditioning needs. During the technical walkthrough of the plant the participants were explained how the plant distributes chilled water to its customers' buildings through a network of pipes. By aggregating the customers' energy loads, the overall installed capacity can be lower than if each building used a separate cooling unit. The aggregation also reduces the overall carbon footprint. The energy-efficient and space-saving attributes of DCS make it suitable and attractive to address the needs of city centres, large production plants, hospitals and property developments.

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Seminar on "Room Air Distribution For Enhanced IAQ and Energy Efficiency"
03 February 2015, Tuesday |  Seminar |  CTTC

ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) and Department of Building, School of Design & Environment, National University of Singapore, has jointly organised ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program on Room Air Distribution for Enhanced IAQ and Energy Efficiency. Two ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers in Region 13, Prof. Chandra Sekhar from NUS, Singapore and Mr. TL Chen from Primetech Engineers, Malaysia, were invited to present their latest cutting-edge research and application topics. In details, Mr. TL Chen talked about Topicalisation of of High Performance Strategies for Hot & Humid Climate Applications, and Prof. Sekhar shared his re- search efforts in Advanced Room Air Distribution Strategies for Effective Airborne Infection Control.

This seminar has overwhelmingly attracted more than 100 participants from various sectors including HVAC industry, ESD consultancy firms, and research institutions. The half-day talk offered a wonderful platform between the speakers and participants in terms of knowledge-sharing and experience-exchanging during and after the talk.

Seminar on Modeling & Simulation for Urban and Built Environment
09 January 2015, Friday  |  Seminar |  CTTC

On January 9th 2015, ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) invited three CTTC members, including the CTTC Chairman Dr. Poh Hee Joo, Dr. George XU and Mr. Sam Lam, and two industrial speakers, Dr. David Bryne from PD Simulation Pte Ltd and Mr. Rohan Rawte from IES Ltd, jointly presented their views and experiences with regard to urban microclimate and building perfor- mance simulation topics. The half-day seminar was held in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, thanks to the kind supports by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, PD Simulation Pte Ltd and IES Ltd.
More than 50 participants from various sectors, including engineers from HVAC industries, ESD consultants, building architects, as well as researchers and students from relevant institutions have attended this BPS seminar. Nine of participants are registered professional engineers who were awarded Two PDU points for their attendance.

Marina Barrage Tour
6 Dec 2014, Saturday  |  Technical Visit  |  YEA
Marina Barrage is Singapore’s 15th reservoir, which is also the first to locate in the hub of the city. It will increase Singapore’s water catchment area from 1/2 to 2/3 of Singapore land area. Marina Barrage provides a tidal barrier to keep sea water out, helping to alleviate flooding in lower lying areas of Singapore. It has won many awards including BCA Green Mark Platinum Award for Infrastructure and ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award.
The 3 main key objectives that Marina Barrage provided are (1) water supply, (2) flood control and (3) lifestyle attraction. Below are some features of Marina Barrage:

1.    It stores fresh water from a massive catchment zone which enables Singapore to be less dependent of water imports from Malaysia;
2.    The rooftop provides green recreation spaces for picnics and kiting for families;
3.    Sea-sports enthusiastic individuals could enjoy water-based recreational activities such as kayaking, sailing, etc. 
4.    During heavy rain, the nine crest gates at the dam will opened to release excess storm water into the sea.
5.    When there is heavy rain but the tide is low, the gates will open to release excess water into the sea. When heavy rain occurs with high tide, the gates will remain closed while the pumps will be activated to pump the excess water out to sea.
6.    The solar park which houses Singapore largest collection of solar panels in operation.

The Sustainable Singapore Gallery broadcasts Singapore's efforts towards achieving environmental sustainability and intend to educate the public on major environmental and water issues.
Alive Museum
30 Nov 2014, Sunday  |  Networking  |  YEA

The Alive Museum outing was fun and relaxing which all 11 participants had a great time on taking pictures with the 3D paintings. The drawing techniques that created visual illusions in this gallery were amazing and the 3D artwork exhibits were an eye-opener for us.

Green Temple Tour
29 Nov 2014, Saturday  |  Technical Visit  |  YEA

The Singapore first green temple "Poh Ern Shih" (Temple of Thanksgiving) was awarded Green Mark Gold by Building & Construction Authority in 2009. Kenneth, a volunteer showed us the modern ecofriendly technologies which the temple has adopted:

      a) Solar panels on the roof which are used to generate electricity and to heat water;
      b) Solatube daylighting systems are used to provide daylighting;
      c) The natural wind energy is harvested by wind generators to convert wind into electricity;
      d) Rainwater harvesting system has been installed for watering plants and cleaning purposes.
      e) Microhydro generators are installed in the building generate electricity.

Leveraging Advanced IAQ Technologies for High Performance Green Buildings
27 Nov 2014, Saturday |  Seminar  |  CTTC
Bilateral Meeting with MASHRAE
22 & 23 Nov 2014, Saturday & Sunday  |  Meeting  |  ASHRAE Singapore Chapter

The annual bilateral meeting between ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter (MASHRAE) and ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) was held at The Amverton Resort, Klang, West Malaysia. The meeting was attended by 7 delegates from Singapore and MASHRAE member.
Members of MASHRAE brought up that we should share the various standard used for green building in both countries. More activities involving family members would encourage members to participate in future events organize by the chapters. APCBE to be organized more effectively with CRC or other regular events.

Technical Visit to Singapore Community Sportshub
22 Nov 2014, Saturday  |  Technical Visit  |  Student Activities

The Singapore Sportshub is a key project in the government of Singapore’s urban redevelopment and sports facilities master plan – Vision 2030. The objective is to promote a more sustainable and healthy society nationwide. The Sportshub has been awarded with Green Mark Gold plus certification.
The 7 participants had toured the 55,000 seat central area which featured a retractable roof measuring 300m in diameter. They saw the unique stadium dome which is world’s largest freespanning dome and first naturally ventilated stadium, which have an integrated cooling system with energyefficient technology, delivering cool air to every single seat. Beyond maximizing greenery and passive cooling measures, innovative engineering solutions such as PV panels, rain water harvesting system have been integrated into the design.
The other Hub facilities included, a 6,000 seat indoor Aquatic Centre and a Water Sports Centre for the general public, 3,000 seats MultiPurpose indoor Arena that will be fully scalable, exhibition centre, sports museum, commercial space and food and beverage outlets.

Energy Efficient Air-conditioning Technologies & Refrigerant Trends
13 & 14 Nov 2014, Thursday & Friday  |  Seminar  |  CTTC

ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) and BCA Academy have jointly organised the second run of a 2-days training course on “Fundamentals of Air-Conditioning System” at BCA Academy. The course objectives were to develop an understanding of the principles of air-conditioning, with focus on air movement and components of an air distribution system. An overview of the relevant regulations and guidelines were also covered.
The course trainer, Er Chee Yan Pong is our ASC Chapter Past President who has conducted the course with about 46 participants. A copy of the “Fundamentals of Air System Design” published by ASHRAE was given to the participants. The second run had attracted more than 20 participants.

Haze Exhibition
09 Nov 2014, Sunday  |  Volunteering / Networking  |  YEA

2 YEA members had volunteered for the first public haze exhibition in Singapore, “Haze: Know it. Stop it.” at Vivocity. The event was collaborated by Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) and People’s Movement to stop Haze (PM Haze).
In 2013, the haze in Singapore hits PSI all-time record high of 371. The exhibition at Vivocity created awareness to public on various angles on the haze which included initiatives that were carried out by government at local and international level to reduce the burning of forest in Indonesia.
As volunteers, we had the opportunity to share the bad health effects of haze and understanding the perspective and plight of farmers in Indonesia. Complicated issues underlying the haze and how the public could contribute by consuming sustainable sources of palm oil and paper were also highlighted. The public had an opportunity to touch and feel the palm seeds, palm kernels, paper pulps and peat soil.

9 Tampines Grande
21 Oct 2014, Tuesday  |  Technical Visit  |  Student Activities

Tampines Grande was awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum Award and LEED Gold Certification. This is the first commercial development with the most extensive use of solar technology in Singapore.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the rooftops to harvest solar energy. Solar thermal panels were used to provide hot water in enabling heat exchange for air-conditioning of the atrium and 1st level lobbies. Carbon dioxide sensors and cold plasma air purifiers were installed in the AHUs of offices to improve air quality, occupational health and comfort for building’s users. An eco-indicator display was also installed beside the lift to display the building’s information such as energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions, temperature, etc.

Dinner Networking Session at University Town, NUS
16 Oct 2014, Thursday  |  Technical Visit  |  Student Activities

The YEA members and students gained new knowledge from the seminar on Energy Efficient Air-conditioning Technologies & Refrigerant Trends presented by Anil Thakur from Danfoss. After the seminar, we went for a short dinner networking session at University Town at NUS. We shared among each other on what we have learnt and also what the students and YEA members would like to see in Singapore Chapter.

ASC Book Prize Award - ITE College East
16 Oct 2014, Thursday  |  Scholarship  |  Student Activities

Eric Teo had been awarded the book prize by the school based on his contribution to ASHRAE Singapore. Eric is the student president of ITE College East. He has been promoting ASHRAE in ITE College East and has shared some valuable feedbacks on how to increase awareness of ASHRAE in his campus.

Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) Joint Meeting
18 Oct 2014, Satursday  |  Meeting  |  GGAC

The GGAC joint meeting was held over lunch at City Square Mall. The joint meeting, chaired by Er Albert Sin, was attended by respective ASHRAE Singapore Chapter subcommittees; namely, Students Activities Chair, Young Engineers Associates (YEA), Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC), and The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) Council Member, Er Alfred Wong.
Er Albert explained the objectives of GGAC are to promote grassroots activities and issues that relate to government agencies in areas of interest to ASHRAE members. He encouraged and highlighted that several of ASHRAE members have been participating with various government bodies in the working group of drafting Singapore Standards, such as SS553, SS554.
Er Albert added that GGAC can also help to promote the ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program. It is a voluntary rating program that applies an easily understood scale to compare, or benchmark, a building’s energy use to similar buildings in similar climate zone.
The joint meeting with IES representative Er Alfred Wong who is also Chairman, National Committee of Engineering Organisations, is to explore possible joint activities, seminars for the benefits of the engineers in the HVAC industry. Er Alfred shared that IES currently is constructing an Annex building which could be used for future joint activities.

Barbecue Networking Event
02 Oct 2014, Thursday  |  Networking  |  YEA

The BBQ event was a great success and 25 participants had attended. Students from different institutions (NUS, NTU, TP, RP and ITE College East) had the opportunity to network with YEAs and BOG members. We have shared with the students on ASHRAE membership benefits and the SmartStart program.

YEA Leadership International 2014
26 – 28 Sep 2014, Friday - Sunday  |  Leadership Training / Networking  |  YEA

The YEA Leadership International was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 11 YEAs members from Region 13 had attended this event. It was a great networking platform during this 3days programme. The participants discovered more on their personalities and team roles through the “Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)” and “Belbin Team Inventory” profiling tests. The teambuilding game indicated the importance on how different roles will contribute to the successful delivery of a “project”.

Self-awareness is the first key to increase relationship and leadership effectiveness. By understanding your social identity and the “team roles” of your team members, it contributes to a more balanced team which leads to better team performance. Top performing teams would normally consist of team members of different behavioral strengths and weaknesses (team roles). The knowledge we have learnt from this programme could be applied in our workplace and daily life. We would like to express our gratitude to Tricia Evans, our trainer.

BEX Asia 2014
01 – 03 Sep 2014, Monday - Wednesday  |  Volunteering / Networking  |  RP / Student Activities

The BEX Asia is Southeast Asia’s premier business platform for the Build Green environment. It provides a one-stop sourcing solution for cutting edge technologies in building materials, energy efficiency systems, sustainable design and architecture for the future of sustainable communities. BEX Asia provided ASC student members an opportunity to network with skilled professionals and key industry practitioners from the region. Meanwhile, the students shared their knowledge regarding ASHRAE and helped to raise research funds by selling donated ASHRAE handbooks.

Environmental Control and Energy Performance in Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
26 Aug 2014, Tuesday  |  Seminar  |  CTTC

ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) and BCA Academy has jointly organized ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program on Environmental Control and Energy Performance in Hospital and Healthcare Facilities. The seminar, taking place at BCAA premise; was delivered by ASHRAE DL Mr. Brian Monk and A/ Prof. Lee Siew Eang from Department of Building, NUS. The 1 day seminar discussed about the environmental quality in high performance buildings, filtration systems, airborne contaminant control in hospital and healthcare environment, as well as hospital energy perform ance and design for healthcare facilities.

Chapter Regional Conference 2014
15 - 17 Aug 2014, Friday - Sunday  |  Networking  |  ASHRAE Singapore Chapter

The 17th Chapter’s Regional Conference (CRC) of Region XIII was held in Taipei, Taiwan from 15th to 16th August 2014, followed with RPM1 on 17th August. It was attended by ASHRAE President Thomas H. Phoenix and other Society officers. The CRC was also well attended by delegates from the Region. There are total 331 participants, with 9 BOG members and Regional officers and 12 students,

Apart from the regular business sessions, there was also seminars (Greener and Smarter Design for High Performance Buildings) and workshops, as well as student program. Our student members have also presented an interesting cultural performance during the Banquet Dinner. We have also received some awards from the Society, e.g. PAOE / Star Award, PAOE Sustainability Activities, Red Ribbon Award (2nd highest PAOE points) for MP, Award for RP, etc. 5 motions was submitted during the CRC (1 from Malaysia Chapter and 4 from Singapore Chapter) and 4 motions was passed. The next CRC in 2015 will be in Philippines.

Chapter Regional Conference 2014 (Student Version)
15 & 16 Aug 2014, Friday & Saturday  |  Networking  |  Student Activities

The Region XIII Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) was being held in Taipei, Taiwan. 11 students and 1 lecturer represented Singapore Chapter this year. On the first day, technical seminars were conducted followed by technical visits to Hanbell Precise Machinery Co. ltd and Taiwan Hitachi Appliances. During the banquet dinner in the evening, students from every country were required to perform an act related to their countries. Our students performed “Di Tanjong Katong” and “Chan Mali Chan”.

On the second day, the students went to National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), Beitou Thermal Valley (Hell Valley) and Beitou Hot Spring Museum. This was an interesting and fruitful trip for the students.

National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT) Summer Camp
11 – 14 Aug 2014, Monday - Thursday  |  Study Tour  |  Student Activities

This 4-days summer camp was organised by National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT). 100 students from different Asia Pacific countries (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan) had attended this event. Other than attending energy conversion / saving courses at the NCUT campus, the students had cycled at Sun Moon Lake, sightseeing at Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Daxi Old Street, Checheng and experienced local culture at Fengchia Night Market. The students also went for technical visits at Fair Friend Group and Taiwan Power Electric generation factory.

Sun Moon Lake and Farmosan Aboriginal Culture Village
10 Aug 2014, Sunday  |  Networking  |  Student Activities

This was the first overseas team bonding event for Singapore Chapter students in 2014. Students from Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan also participated in this event. It provided the student activities chair, YEA chair and students an opportunity to interact and bond with each other. We have explored the famous Sun Moon Lake and learnt more about nine aboriginal tribal cultures in the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural village. The students also gained more independent and learnt more of teamwork during this event.

32th Annual Installation Dinner
03 Jul 2014, Thursday  |  Networking

The ASC 32nd Annual Installation Dinner 2014 was held at the Orchard Hotel. Together with Guest-of-Honour, Er Dr Lee Bee Wah and over 800 guests, it was a joyous occasion to celebrate the annual event with fun and networking with VIPs, members and other professionals in the HVAC industry.