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25 Aug 2017

CRC 2017 Technical Seminar - Presentation Slides

    1)  Technical Seminar by Mr. Francis Tay(4.9MB)
    2)  Technical Seminar by Mr. Gordon P. Sharp(1.8MB)
    3)  Technical Seminar by Mr. Vincent Low(9.6MB)

21 Jul 2017

WES ASHRAE DL Seminar - Thermal Comfort and IAQ in High Performance Buildings

The concept of "one-size fits all" is pretty much the standard norm with the design and operation of airconditioning systems in buildings worldwide. Actually many of the basic designs are quite complex, however, it would appear that when Local Design Institutes (LDI) are involved a majority of designs shrink back to a standard AHU or even a simple fan coil system. In particular, tropical buildings suffer from the inevitability of being either too cold or too warm and stuffy, resulting from one large central air-conditioning system with very little flexibility and control. The reason for this is much the same as in the US when the so called Project Management Teams are involved and carry out value engineering before the designs are finished and decisions are based on rather poor previous decisions. This often leads to an energy penalty besides the obvious discomfort. When comfort isn't really included in the design, how are the clients and users to be aware of what occupant comfort is? This could be seen as a big failure of international thermal comfort standards, such as ASHRAE standard 55. Wouldn't it be nice if individual occupants in a building were to have control over their immediate microenvironments, creating their own Personalised Environments? Can the occupants control the thermal comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) of their individual spaces in a building, irrespective of the size, shape and layout of the building? In the context of Climate Change, can personalized environments be possible in modern buildings with attractive energy benefits leading to the notion of Energy Efficient Healthy Buildings? The answers to such questions lie in how we look at the integrated design, installation and operation of the HVAC and BAS systems.


    1)  WES ASC DL Seminar Handouts(40MB)
    2)  Group Photo(11MB)

19 Apr 2017

ASHRAE DL Seminar - Active and Passive Beams and Energy Efficient Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Presentation will describe beams operation principle and focus on special considerations during HVAC system design and commissioning. Application cases and efficient ways of integrating active beams will also be discussed

This presentation will give practical recommendations how to reduce energy consumption of a foodservice facility by up to 50% and improve its indoor environmental quality.Presentation will be useful for owners, operators, energy and design professionals involved in design, construction and operation of foodservice facilities.

    1)  Active and Passive Beams(2.1MB)
    2)  Energy Efficient Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation(2.8MB)

09 Mar 2017

ASHRAE DL Seminar - High Performance Building Design and the Coming Age of a Smart Grid and Smart Buildings

This session provides an overview of how building systems have evolved to meet the demands for green building design and where we are headed in the future in this arena.

The smart grid is coming and in that future era buildings will be interacting even more with the electric utilities.

    1)  High Performance Bilding Design (2.6MB) Smart Grid and Smart Buildings (2.4MB)

09 Sep 2016

ASHRAE Green Guide - Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable Buildings

ASHRAE GREENGUIDE is both a powerful design guide for HVAC&R designers as well as a useful reference for architects, owners, building managers , operators and others in the building industry who have interest in understanding issues relating to high performance building design. This reference guide, one of the most widely referred‐ to green guides, offers numerous design application tips that help deliver sustainability.


    1)  Presentation Slide (2.2MB)

15 Jul 2016

Full Technical Papers from Annual Dinner Magazine


    1)  CFD Studies of the Effectiveness of Sidewall Sprinklers for Suppressing the Undercarriage Train Fire (Parsons Brinckerhoff Pte Ltd & Land Transport Authority, Singapore) (1.4mb)
    2)  Energy Efficient Pressure Control for Recirculating Systems (FESV Technologies Pte. Ltd.) (724kb)
    3)  Impact of Variable Speed Drives on Electrical Systems (ebm-papst) (1.6mb)

24 Mar 2016

Seminar on “Energy Efficiency Seminar on Drives and Controls”

The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration industry has been a key industry at Singapore, particularly in the building segment. During this session, Mr Ang Eng Hock, Mr Jesper Therbo and Mr Rupesh Patil had shared some highlights on energy efficiency on chillers and rooftops where the variable speed technology is being used. Besides, from the refrigeration point of view, updates on retail and cold room with low temperature scrolls would be showcased.


    1)  Harmonics — A Costly Problem Easily Solved (1.4mb)
    2)  Drives Solutions for Energy Efficient Buildings (1.7mb)
    3)  Solutions for Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems (3mb)
    4)  Solutions for Energy Efficient Refrigeration Systems (2.3mb)

23 Feb 2016

ASHRAE DL One-day Seminar on "Indoor Environment Quality & Ventilation"

This ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (DL) seminar is jointly organised by ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) and Singapore Polytechnic. We aim to share with participants the following ASHRAE DL topics from Mr Bjarne Olesen and Mr Max Sherman:

    • International standards for the indoor environment - where are we and do they apply worldwide?
    • Indoor environment- health-comfort and productivity.
    • HAZE related health implications, pm2.5 awareness, related ventilation strategies and standards.
    • Ventilation: the once and future king.
    • Range hoods and smart ventilation strategies for residential buildings.
    • Recent interesting aspects of ASHRAE Standard 62.2.


    1)  Comfort-Health-Productivity (3mb)
    2)  Ventilation: The Once & Future King (1.9mb)
    3)  International Standards for the Indoor Environment (3.4mb)
    4)  Residential IVIAQ Research at LBL (4mb)

17 Feb 2016

Seminar on “Comparing Fan and Motor Technologies Available for Air Handling Units (AHUs)”

This seminar presented by Carsten Ederer discussed about the differences between the available motor technologies used in air handling units in combination with the various impeller types. It further assesses the differences between energy efficiency calculations for fan-motors vs. laboratory measurements and the resulting considerations for AHU manufacturers and consultants for making different solutions comparable during selection phase.


    1)  Presentation Slide (5.2mb)

21 Nov 2015

1/2 day Technical Workshop on Generation And Monitoring Of Thermal Comfort (TC) And Healthy Indoor Air Quality (HIAQ)

This technical workshop conducted by Prof Karl Wagner discussed about:

    •  Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control for Indoor Air Quality and Tropical Thermal Comfort.
    •  Learning from case studies based on adapted indoor health for tropical countries.
    •  Measurements of healthy indoor environment along the rainbow scale.
    •  Comprehend implications and necessary work on action plan for a healthier indoor environment.

    1)  Presentation Slide (4.3mb)

20 Nov 2015

ASHRAE DL Seminar on "Energy Audit, Building Commissioning and Measurement & Verification"

This seminar conducted by Ross D. Montgomery discussed about:

    •  Energy Audits, Energy Targets, Net-zero Energy Buildings, and ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) Program.
    •  Commissioning of the Built Environment - Principles, Process, Procedures, and the Future.
    •  ASHRAE Certification Exam Process and Study Guides; How to study and take the examinations.
    •  Sharing of beQ analysis for an existing building in Singapore.

In addition, another interesting topic “Verification of Measuring Devices and Measurement Techniques in Chiller Plant.” has been shared by Mr. Victor Tan, Principal Metrologist from A*STAR.

    1)  ASHRAE Certification Examination - Preparatory Presentation (938kb)
    2)  ASHRAE: Building Energy Quotient Rating and Labeling (bEQ) (15.8mb)
    3)  Commissioning of the Built Environment - Technical Principles, Process, Procedures, and the Future (10.6mb)
    4)  Measurement and Verification (634kb)

22 Oct 2015

Seminar on "Application of Variable Speed Pumping Systems in Chilled Water Plants"

This seminar discussed about variable flow Chilled Water Plant design concepts and comparisons for Primary/Secondary, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary, and Variable Flow Primary Pumping Systems, highlighting the key benefits and concerns associated with each design.

    1)  Presentation Slide (1.8mb)