ASC Members' Night

Upcoming Events

ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide and Underfloor Air Distribution Systems

Date : 17 May 2017
Time : 2pm to 5.15pm
Venue : Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild (SPGG)

For more details, please visit ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide and Underfloor Air Distribution Systems .

ASC 35th Annual General Meeting

Date : 05 May 2017
Time : 6pm - 10pm
Venue : Tulip room, Singapore Polytechnic Staff Centre

For more details, please visit ASC 35th Annual General Meeting.

Recent Past Events

Date Event Category
19 Apr 2017 Active and Passive Beams and Energy Efficient Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Seminar
18 Apr 2017 ASHRAE Singapore Chapter Networking Golf Day Networking
09 Mar 2017 High Performance Building Design and the Coming Age of a Smart Grid and Smart Buildings Seminar
27 Feb 2017 Airflow Management for Data Centers and Healthcare Facilities Seminar
10 Feb 2017 INSEAD Business School Green Campus Tour Technical Visit
08 Feb 2017 Singapore Chapter RP MP Night & Chinese New Year Celebration Technical Visit
18 Nov 2016 BCA SKYLAB Technical Tour Technical Visit
15 Nov 2016 Seminar on Measurement of Energy Efficiency in Chilled Water Systems Seminar
20 Sep 2016 Environmental Modelling and Simulation for the Building Industry Seminar
09 Sep 2016 ASHRAE Green Guide - Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable Buildings Seminar
24-26 Aug 2016 ASHRAE HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials Educational
26-28 Apr 2016 SMART Facilities Management Solutions Expo 2016 Exhibition
25-28 Mar 2016 Eco-tour to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Educational Tour
24 Mar 2016 Seminar on “Energy Efficiency Seminar on Drives and Controls” Seminar
26 Feb 2016 Daikin HQ Technical Visit Technical Visit
23 Feb 2016 DL Seminar on “Indoor Environment Quality and Ventilation” Seminar
17 Feb 2016 Members' Night and Seminar on “Comparing Fan and Motor Technologies Available for Air Handling Units (AHUs)” Seminar / Networking
02 Jan 2016 Hiking at Gunung Datuk (Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia) Adventure
26 Dec 2015 Hiking at Gunung Pulai (JB, Malaysia) Adventure
11 Dec 2015 Engineering Tomorrow's Industrial Refrigeration Solutions - Cost saving through Automation Seminar
05 Dec 2015 Southern Ridges Boardwalk Fund-Raising
28-29 Nov 2015 Bilateral Meeting with Malaysia Chapter Meeting
27 Nov 2015 Semakau Landfill Education Tour Educational
21 Nov 2015 1/2 day Technical Workshop On Generation And Monitoring Of Thermal Comfort (TC) And Healthy Indoor Air Quality (HIAQ) Technical Workshop
20 Nov 2015 ASHRAE DL Seminar on “Energy Audit, Building Commissioning and Measurement & Verification” Seminar
19-20 Nov 2015 13th Asia Pacific Conference on the Built Environment 2015 (APCBE) Conference
08 Nov 2015 Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG Others
25 Oct 2015 Semakau Landfill Educational Tour Educational
22 Oct 2015 Seminar on “Application of Variable Speed Pumping Systems in Chilled Water Plants” Seminar
03 Oct 2015 Hiking at MacRitchie Trails / TreeTop Walk Others
27 Sep 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival @ Garden by the Bay 2015 Others
18 Sep 2015 ASHRAE Singapore Chapter 33rd Annual Dinner Networking
18 Sep 2015 ASHRAE Conference on “Energy Efficient Built Tech 2015 – Connecting Technology with the Built Environment” Seminar
04 Sep 2015 Seminar on “Integrating Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Buildings” Seminar
02-04 Sep 2015 MCE Asia 2015 Networking
19-23 Aug 2015 ASHRAE Educational Tour & Chapter Regional Conference 2015 Networking
19 Aug 2015 Seminar On “Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – A Science Based Approach to Selecting Air Filters” Seminar
08 Aug 2015 Get-together with Indonesia YEA Chair Networking
03-04 Aug 2015 World Workplace Asia 2015 Networking
01 Aug 2015 PMHaze - Air Your View Educational
21 Jul 2015 SG50 Event: Clocking for the Longest Banner of Historical Drawings for Singapore Book of Records Others
29-30 Jun 2015 2-Day Course on "Fundamentals Of Water System Design" Seminar
26 Jun–02 Jul 2015 Leadership U Programme
21 June 2015 Prawning Session with Elderly at Orto
20 June 2015 Beerfest Brewery Tour Technical Tour
18 May 2015 ASHRAE Std. 90.1, Energy Efficient Windows and HVAC Career Opportunities for Women Seminar
16 May 2015 Temasek Polytechnic Student Membership Promotion Networking
24 April 2015 33rd Annual General Meeting of ASHRAE Singapore Chapter Meeting


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